Advent Moon Angel


This “Advent Moon Angel” is one of my Advent/Christmas images, to use as a Worship Visual or Christmas Card. More black and white and color images on my website at:

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Here is a beautiful poem entitled “Advent Moon” by Angier Brock. Victoria Emily Jones posted it today on her blog at:

Let the coming of the One
who arranges Orion and the Pleiades
begin in darkness.
Let the night be cold, with drifts of snow.
Let there be one lily blooming,
and whispered messages, and kneeling.

The fierce earth spins in expectation
beneath the long night’s moon, Advent moon.
Like the restless fox crossing frosted meadows,
the silvered owl in focused, silent flight,
each of us is hungry.
In rooms of untold longing,
we sing our seasoned carols,
watch, and wait.

Let the coming of the One
who kindles fires of hope,
whose faithfulness runs far beyond our sight,
be like the coming of a child.
Let there be milk, forgiveness, quiet arms.
Come quickly, Love, our dearest deep
and sweetest dawning.
Come, fill us with your light.


As Angier Brock writes, “Each of us is hungry.” We are hungry for God and God longs to fill us. As I preached in a recent sermon, even the longing can bring joy, light in darkness.

When I look up and see the stars and the silver face of the Advent Moon, my heart reaches up to God. During Advent, we prepare for God to come down to us.

I invite you to join the conversation: what makes you reach up to God, even during days of darkness?

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