My Morning Walk

My friend Susan has many gifts to share born of her work as an ordained chaplain, spiritual director and photographer. Check out her new blog!

Peace Even Now

Her eyes appeared anxious behind her sunglasses, but that was almost all I could see of the middle-aged woman as I passed her on my Saturday-morning walk.Despite the summer weather, she was dressed for full coverage in long pants, hiking shoes and a long-sleeve sweatshirt with the hood covering her hair and much of her forehead. Her dark glasses overlapped her black face mask, worn as protection from COVID and the smoke that has filled our California skies the past couple weeks. Only her stiff slender fingers were exposed as she nervously raised them a couple of inches in a timid greeting.

I nodded hello as an attempt to connect in the awkwardness.I was comfortable in my shorts and tank top as I walked along the path.But I knew the burden of protective layers from my work as a hospital chaplain. I had spent my week “gowning up” and donning…

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