Home Bible/Communion Resources

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Resources are now available as ebooks

and coloring pages to download and print at home.

Please visit my website at: BarbaraBjelland.com

“Supper with the Savior: Communion in the Bible and Today” PARTICIPANT GUIDE includes:

“Supper with the Savior” LEADER’S GUIDE includes artwork and Tips for People with varied abilities (disabilities), and more!

  • Lesson Plans for 3 Home Interactive Worship Services
  • Seder Dinner from a Christian Perspective
  • Theology of the Holy Trinity
  • Bible Memory Verses, Crafts, Games
  • Circle Dance
  • Labyrinth
  • Motions for the Lord’s Prayer

One thought on “Home Bible/Communion Resources

  1. Hi Barb,

    Can you confirm your current address? I sent you a text asking for this but did not hear back. I have a belated b-day card for you. You said you might be moving from your first place in Minneapolis so wanted to check. You & family okay? Has this crisis changed your plans?

    Let me know!

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